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Gemma Goodwin – Diploma of Art & Creativity (Honours) student

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“I’m just trying to constantly be out there as a working artist.”

Gemma Goodwin

©2016 Erosion
Materials: Acrylic on canvas.


Artist’s statement: I created a body of work for this exhibition that was ‘Nature Relevant’ – including a couple of pieces based on environmental issues, such as plastics in our ocean and coastal erosion – subjects that I feel people should be more aware of. This painting is one of those. Living in a rural area, surrounded by nature, I am inspired by organic shapes which influences, and is reflected in, my artwork. I also have my parents to thank for this fascination and deep respect of nature and my surroundings. They always took us out to get some fresh air, and on long drives in the country, which mostly resulted in ‘Irish Picnics’ – which tended to be eating sandwiches in the car, while the rain poured down outside!

Exhibition tip: “We had a feedback book at our exhibition, and that alone was invaluable to get feedback from the public. The feedback was a real confidence boost.”


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