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Entry Requirements

Commitment and the ability to maintain studies are key prerequisites for our qualifications.  Students begin at the Certificate level unless recognition of prior learning is obtained.

Persons under 18 years of age are legally classified as minors and in such cases, the enrolment contract must be co-signed by a parent or guardian. Persons under 16 years must meet Ministry of Education criteria.

The New Zealand Certificate in Creativity programme does not require art experience or prior qualifications. Students may be asked to complete an introductory creativity exercise.

The New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 5) and New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6) requires relevant experience/qualifications. Students who have not completed the Certificate in Art and Creativity (Level 4) may apply for recognition of prior learning (see below).

Entry into the Advanced Diploma of Art and Creativity (Level 7) programme is open to students who have completed the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Honours, Level 6) or the New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6).   

There is a selection process at this level, which involves an interview and presentation of a portfolio.  Students who are practising artists and/or have minimum level 6 qualification may apply for recognition of prior learning for entrance into our Advanced programme. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Direct entry into our Levels 5-7 programmes requires students who have not completed the previous programme levels, to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL is a process which enables you to receive credit for skills and knowledge you have gained through study, work or training experiences. This credit may be used to enrol directly in a programme without having completed a lower level one at TLC.

We assess RPL by asking you to submit evidence that you have met the equivalent learning outcomes of a programme. You will need to submit a portfolio of work for viewing by The Learning Connexion. Requirements for portfolios are set out below. 

The emphasis on creativity at The Learning Connexion differs from other art schools – not only do we want to see your work – we want to know about the creative process behind this. In your submission, you will need to evidence attainment of the creative process criteria for the level you wish to skip.

Your portfolio will be assessed by members of the Academic Board. Your application to enrol at The Learning Connexion will not be confirmed until your admission level has been decided and approved by the Academic Board. Keep in mind that the Academic Board can only evaluate what you submit.

If you are unclear on any of the details given please contact Admissions


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