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4 - 17 MAY 2023

Marci Tackett 

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) - E.E. Cummings


The act of ripping up fabric; a significant personal loss created the impulse to begin this action. 

To feel it. 

To hear it happen.

A large pile of torn fabric strips was the result of this expression of grief. Marci has spent the last ten years developing and evolving bodies of work that use these strips as a foundational element through which to acknowledge her (recovery from) grief. 

RIP/ple shares key works spanning this period of Marci’s art practice. In the earliest works (in black & white) grief is explored as the central purpose. In later series, the torn strips are integrated into the fabric of Marci’s visual language; they continue to quietly pay respect, while the physical properties of the material inform new stories and explorations in print. 


Selected Work:rip ples 2

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4 - 17 May 2023

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