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Violence/Aggressive Behaviour

In the event of threatening or aggressive behaviour by anyone:

  • Dial 9007 or 027 2634553 and advise campus security

  • Remove yourself to a place of safety where possible

  • Campus security will notify emergency services as required


  1. REMAIN CALM – take a few deep breaths.

  2. Let them vent their anger provided they are not harming any person.

  3. If possible get other staff to the area as visible support.

  4. Defuse the situation – comply with simple requests provided this does not increase the risk to you or others.

  5. DO NOT TAKE RISKS – do not provoke, attempt to confront, obstruct, disarm or restrain the person – no heroics.

  6.  Allow the offender to leave. If offender remains on site, withdraw if possible from the area but keep the person in view.

  7. If unable to call for assistance during the incident, ensure you call 9007 or 027 2634553 once the person has left they may return.

  8. Observe as much information about the person as possible, height, age, hair colour, etc.

  9. Document the incident immediately, once the person has left and note the information you have recalled

DO NOT take risks – if threatened, be compliant, withdraw.

Preservation of life is paramount