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StudyLink is the government department which manages student loans and allowances for tertiary students in New Zealand. You can find out whether you are eligible and complete an application online or, if you don’t have a computer, ask StudyLink to mail you an application form.

EFTS Values of Programmes

StudyLink measures in 'EFTS' the amount of study workload of our programmes.

After you have completed 1.6 EFTS of study, you must have passed over half of your course/programme to be approved for a future allowance.

Certificate Level 4 
Full-time or Part-time     .50 EFTS per enrolment

Diploma Level 5 & 6 
Full-time or Part-time     1 EFTS per enrolment

Diploma Level 7
Full-time                           1 EFTS per enrolment
Part-time                          .50 EFTS per enrolment

Support with Student Finances

The Learning Connexion has a student adviser with close links to StudyLink and MSD who will help you with issues associated with student allowances and loan applications or advice about studying while on a benefit.

Contact Cherie Vibert, Monday to Friday, on +64 (04) 568 0320 or 0800 Art Power (0800 278 769) or email c.vibert@tlc.ac.nz.

Student Loans

If eligible you may borrow the full cost of tuition fees. You will need to sign a new student loan contract with StudyLink for each year of your programme (the exception is Certificate NZQA Level 4 full-time, which is a contract for six months). Full-time students, under 55 years of age, may also borrow an extra $1000 per 52 week period for course related costs.

StudyLink will ask for the following details on your application form:

1. Student ID number - please use your name and first initial, i.e. if your name was 'Bobby Green', your student ID number is 'greenb'.

2. Your study dates – contact us to find these out.

Part-time students - Level 5 and 6

If paying by Student Loan, students studying part-time must make two separate loan applications to StudyLink. The first one is to pay for the first half of the programme. The second one (45 weeks later) is to pay for the second half. Please note - this is a condition by StudyLink, not TLC. If you enrol part-time with TLC you are enrolling in the full two-year programme.

Student Allowance

If eligible you may receive a weekly payment to help with your living costs while you study. The allowance doesn’t have to be repaid. If you don’t qualify for the student allowance you may be eligible to borrow more on your student loan to pay for living expenses while you study. (Student loan living costs must be repaid.)

You must continue to meet the minimum work requirements of the programme to keep getting payments from StudyLink. Visit Studylink to find resources to help with every stage of planning and funding study. 

To ensure that the delivery of our new national qualifications in Creativity complies with the NZ Qualifications Authority and other government agencies including StudyLink, The Learning Connexion will be taking a three week term break over the end of year (Christmas) holidays. Any student whose study period extends beyond this end of year term break needs to undertake independent study and complete their independent work log.

Students receiving a study allowance, limited full-time allowance or living costs, no longer need to apply for the JSSH (Job Seeker Student Hardship benefit) over this holiday period. We encourage students to talk with their tutor or mentor before the end of year break to discuss the work they will do during this time.

Start and end dates will be confirmed individually with students upon enrolment.

Should you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact either our admissions department on admissions@tlc.ac.nz or our compliance department on compliance@tlc.ac.nz.

Student Job Search

Considering part-time work? If you get a Student Allowance, you can now earn up to $208 per week (before tax) before your allowance is reduced. Student Job Search assists students to find part-time or one-off work opportunities. Contact 0800 757 562 or email student@sjs.co.nz.