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Smoke Free | Auahi Kore Campus 


From 29 April 2024, The Learning Connexion will become a Smoke Free/Auahi Kore campus

The Learning Connexion is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our community and providing a positive, healthy learning environment. 

Currently, our No Smoking/Vaping Areas on Campus policy asks that all indoor and outdoor areas within 10 metres of our buildings and the main driveway are kept strictly smoke free.

From 29 April 2024, this policy will be extended to become a 100% Smoke Free/Auahi Kore Campus policy. This means that smoking and vaping will be prohibited in ALL areas of our campus, including outdoor areas, at ALL times. Becoming a 100% Smoke Free/Auahi Kore campus, ensures we will all benefit by having a healthier place to study and work.

This new policy is intended to: 

  • provide a healthy and safe environment for staff, students, contractors and other visitors to whom the policy applies

  • protect the right of everyone to breathe clean air

  • define where people may or may not smoke and

  • make support available for people who wish to stop smoking

This policy is based on the following principles found in the Smoke Free Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990; the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Human Rights Act 1993. 

  • All persons who do not smoke are entitled, so far as reasonably practicable, to be protected from second hand smoke when on campus

  • The Learning Connexion shall support all efforts and initiatives to promote a Smoke Free/Auahi Kore lifestyle

  • So far as reasonably practicable The Learning Connexion must ensure the health and safety of all staff, students and visitors

You can read the new policy which comes into effect on 29 April 2024 here:

Smoke Free / Auahi Kore Campus policy 

Policy FAQs

Why the change of policy to become 100% smoke free?

TLC is committed to protecting the health and safety of staff, students and visitors to our campus and becoming 100% smoke free reflects this commitment. As an educational institute, we wish to support wellbeing and promote healthy lifestyles for our community. This update in policy better aligns us with New Zealand legislation on Smoke Free Environments (the Smoke Free Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990) which requires all indoor workplaces and the buildings and grounds of schools and early childhood centres to be smoke and vape free. 

When does the new policy come into effect?

The policy comes into effect from the beginning of Term 2 this year - Monday 29 April 2024. New signage will be installed across campus over the coming months which will provide a visual reminder of the new policy for staff and students.

Why is there no longer a designated smoking area?

Having designated smoking areas makes it difficult to maintain our smoke free areas. It is also not consistent with our aim to promote a healthy campus and the wellbeing of our community at TLC. Becoming 100% smoke free avoids any confusion around where people can and cannot smoke and no one will be unwillingly exposed to second-hand smoke that drifts into a smoke free area.

Where can I smoke when I am at TLC?

Becoming a 100% smoke free campus means that you cannot smoke or vape anywhere on our campus. This includes all outdoor areas such as:

  • carparks

  • gardens and bush areas

  • our main driveway

  • the entrance to the school

Anyone who wishes to smoke or vape will need to move off campus, outside of TLC boundaries. 

Can I smoke in my own car?

No. Allowing smoking in cars on our campus does not align with our commitment to support the health and wellbeing of our TLC community.

What support is available for those to wish to quit smoking?

Smoking and vaping can have serious effects on your health and the health of others. TLC is proud to become a smoke free campus. However, we recognise and understand that giving up cigarettes and vapes isn't easy. Support is available for anyone who does smoke and would like help to stop.  

We will be hosting a presentation from a regional stop smoking/vaping service here on campus on Wednesday 3 April. We encourage you to attend if you would like to hear more about what they offer. Further details can be found below.


Takiri Mai Te Ata Whānau Ora Collective
is pleased to provide a lunchtime presentation on the services
they offer to support those who wish to stop smoking or vaping.

The presentation will be held in the Library (Ground Floor, Taylor Building) on:

Wednesday 3 April - 12.30pm


You will also find relevant links to free specialist stop smoking services and information below: 

For any further information and resources on smoking cessation and stop smoking services that can support you, please contact our Culture & Employment team at cultureandemployment@tlc.ac.nz

What should I do if someone is smoking or vaping on campus?

If you see someone smoking or vaping on campus you can:

  • gently remind them that the policy has changed and that we are now a smoke free campus

  • direct them to nearby signage or to the information on our website

  • be respectful and politely ask them to stop smoking

  • let them know that anyone who wishes to smoke will need to move off campus

If there is a repeated issue with smoking or vaping in a particular location on campus, please notify our Health and Safety team at health&safety@tlc.ac.nz who can further investigate and consider more signage or other measures to ensure the new policy is observed.


We would value your feedback on how we can best support all of our community with this upcoming change. If you are a current smoker, or if you would like help to stop smoking, we would particularly like to hear how we can best support you. If you have suggestions, feedback or concerns that you would like us to consider prior to the new policy coming into effect, please get in touch with our Culture & Employment team confidentially at cultureandemployment@tlc.ac.nz

Further Questions? 

If you have any further questions about this policy change, please contact our Culture & Employment team at cultureandemployment@tlc.ac.nz