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3D incorporates sculptural practices ranging from traditional casting processes, to contemporary approaches that include mixed media and installation. There is such a range of possibilities with finished works that can range in scale from tiny to megalithic and include media as varied as soft stone, clay, plaster, wood, wire, wax, bronze, glass and metals.

fefefgrCreative applications

Including (but not limited to) -

  • Creating 3D works using casting and moulding processes
  • Creating 3D works using additive and reductive techniques
  • Creating installation and performance work
  • Creating work from ready-made or found materials

Technical and practical skills

Including (but not limited to) -

  • Design: Maquettes; incorporating techniques from drawing; painting; photography and
  • design; design for a client; research
  • Understanding materials: Exploring materials such as soft and hard stone, clay, plaster,
  • wood, wire, wax, bronze, glass, metals; using joiners and construction/ support materials
  • Understanding space: Composition in 3D; drawing with wire; drawing for 3D; scale;
  • perspective; time-based work; site specific and environmental art
  • Using equipment: Using appropriate tools and equipment with due regard for best health
  • and safety practice
  • Production: Two piece waste moulding; life casting; negative casting; metal casting; sand
  • casting; coiling, casting; slabbing; modelling; construction; surface decoration; raku and kiln
  • firing; plaster positives
  • Presentation: Presenting your 3D work; finishing and presentation; galleries and sales; arts; marketing.

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