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What is the Workroom?

The Workroom where you upload images of your work. It provides two main functions:

  • A digital record of your work that provides evidence of your study.
    The workroom is a mobile friendly and easy to use and gives you the flexibility to snap shots while you’re working and upload them straight from your phone. Any image you automatically becomes part of your digital records, its the main method we use to capture evidence of your creative practice.
  • A place for you to share your work with your peers.
    All images are private by default - only you and staff members can see them. However you can make them 'public' if you wish to share them with other students. See more information in ORA under Getting Started

How do I access it?

Watch this video for clear instructions about how to access Workroom 01 Getting started with the Workroom

There are more videos about how to use the Workroom under the Getting Started area on ORA that you can watch after you have logged in.

The first time you visit Workroom.tlc.ac.nz you will need to set a password. 

To do this click ‘Reset your password’ at the bottom of the login page and enter your email address. You will be sent an email allowing you to create a new password. 

Please use the same email address as you have used as your contact email during enrolment, or Workroom won't work.

Listen to Jon's walk-through of the workroom:

Please Note:

Please keep a copy of images you post to Workroom. You ​can ask us to download your images from Workroom when you’ve completed your programme, HOWEVER:

  • There’s an administration charge to cover staff time
  • The notes cannot be downloaded with the images.

For these reasons, it's a good idea to keep a copy of the work you post to Workroom, and the notes you make during your​ programme​.