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The Learning Connexion’s painting course offers an opportunity to develop a wide range of skills around wet media. You will explore and experiment with colour, composition, materials and techniques to discover the processes which best suit your creative goals. You can work with watercolour, acrylics, pastels, gouache, oil paint and much, much more.

Creative applications

Including (but not limited to) -

  • Realistic painting, including photographic components, super-realism, illusions and
  • combinations of literal and abstract
  • Abstract painting including expression, imagination, abstraction, energy fields, dynamic
  • surfaces, action painting, visual messages and integration with words
  • Painting for sets, film and animation
  • Illustration

Technical and practical skills

Including (but not limited to) -

  • Understanding colour: Monochrome; colour as dominant element; colour matching;
  • complementary colours; neutrals; saturation; hue; value; colour harmonies and discords; psychology of colour; expressive use of colour
  • Understanding materials: Watercolour; acrylics; oil paints; oil sticks; application of paint including wet on wet, wet on dry, use of resists, dry brush, scumbling and spatter; washes and glazes; impasto; mixing media; stencils and templates; collage
  • Composition: Psychology of composition; tone; geometry; use of a grid; selective cropping; methods of establishing unity; creating depth; creating symmetry; colour coordination; simplification; language of line
  • Understanding supports: Use of supports; fabrics; textures; presentation and finishing
  • Understanding Tools: Alternative tools; care of brushes
  • Context: Interplay with ideas of old and new masters; history of art and culture;
  • appropriation of reference material; studio ethic; using symbols


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