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Restricted Programmes 2022

28 April - 11 May 

An exhibition by artists studying the Diploma of Creativity from Corrections facilities.

The Restricted Programmes exhibition shares the work of 18 artists studying the Diploma in Creativity across 5 correctional facilities. Although each artist explores varied ideas and approaches, a commonality can be found within the works - as each holds a stillness and high level of care. There is a focus on nature and landscapes, along with craftsmanship such as in bold coloured Kete and a sculpture made from materials found within the prison.  

Restricted Programmes at the Learning Connexion offers NZQA accredited qualifications to people currently incarcerated in facilities across Aotearoa. Students work closely with their mentors; communicating by phone to share ideas and explore their process. The postal system is in heavy use, with artworks, materials and feedback sent back and forth, each time being approved by the facility security. This exhibition is an opportunity for the Restricted Programmes students to communicate through their work to staff, other students at the school, and the community beyond. Some works within the exhibition are for sale, with any profits going back into The Learning Connexion Educational Trust, a not-for-profit organisation.  

Selected Works

Matthew Hicks Freddy Bartley Acrylic on cardboard

Meeting in the middle
by Matthew Hicks & Freddy Bartley
(Acrylic on cardboard)

2W6A7040 X web

Army Tank
by Franklyn Borden
(Matchsticks, popsicles sticks & cardboard)

Rufus Black Acrylic on paper web

by Rufus Black
(Graphite on paper)