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Kia ora and Greetings from TLC Learning Support.

Here at TLC we believe in supporting our students in their active and creative learning journey. Learning Support is here to address any barriers to learning and to work alongside you to create a positive plan of action. This plan of action is to help you to identify obstacles, develop a plan to overcome any problems and to establish effective strategies, so you can keep and stay on track of your work.

Support with Learning

What we do

Despite your love of art and the best intentions, sometimes ‘life’ can crop up and throw a spanner in the works. Learning Support is here to help work with you through these times and to ensure you get the best TLC can offer. It’s best to have a plan of action and support before life gets too much and deadlines creep up on you by surprise. With support you can accomplish your goals and dreams. We can help with:

Study skills, such as managing your time, organising workloads, planning ahead

Keeping focus, getting through ‘blocks’ and finding inspiration

Building literacy, numeracy and language skills to support you through the course requirements

Working on CVs, job applications, interview techniques and planning.

What we don’t do

Learning Support is not a counselling service, but we are here to listen and try our best to accommodate your learning needs. If we can’t sort things out together, we have connections with a range of different services throughout the Wellington/Hutt Valley area to help you find what you need.

Learning Barriers

If you have indicted during enrolment, or at any other time, that you have a disability, mental health or learning difficulties that are a significant barrier to your learning, Learning Support can discuss how we can best work with you.

Youth students, students restarting, students in transition between programmes

Learning Support is here to ensure that you are getting the best out of your time with TLC. We’re here to help you with planning the direction of your programme and deciding what steps are right for you.

International Students

Please contact Learning Support for advice, guidance and support with meeting your course requirements.


Every term we provide a series of workshops which help you gain transferable skills - skills that will help you study, as well as set you up for the future. Please feel free to come along and join in. Workshops are advertised on our website, our Facebook page, on our shared student page, and also on posters around campus. We have created resources for distance delivery students, so please contact us if you are interested in any of them. Also, if you have any suggestions for additional workshops, please let us know.

thumbnail image004Meet Lydia Grove

Lydia can help you with confidential issues that are affecting your study and any learning challenges (including literacy, dyslexia, numeracy & study skills), how to apply for further study, write up your CV and search for a job. Contact her if you are getting behind on your programme, need to locate community support groups, or want to know how to manage your study with personal health and mental wellbeing.

You can make an appointment to see Lydia by contacting her directly:

Lydia Grove
Learning Support

Free phone: 0800 ART POWER (extension 824) 
email: l.grove@tlc.ac.nz