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Electricity/Gas Failure

In the event of a Utility Failure (electricity, water, gas, fuel):

  1. Stay calm – think.

  2. Respond to problems arising, e.g. fight minor fires if safe to do so.

  3. Report loss of services (e.g. toilets) to managers/office staff if outage is not obvious. Report phone and IT problems to  italerts@tlc.ac.nz.

  1. Report indications of people trapped in elevators or secure areas to wardens.

  2. If moving between floors, use the stairs, walk do not run.

  3. If in an elevator, remain calm. Elevators will stop but emergency lighting will work.  

  4. Use an emergency phone and advise location, lift number ID and numbers entrapped. Be patient.

  1. Assist those with disabilities needing assistance, persons in distress and visitors.

  2. Switch off and disconnect unnecessary electrical appliances.

  3. Save/store available water/fuel/gas supplies.

  4. Continue processing business as usual where possible.

  5. Apply Business Continuity Plan work-around solutions, e.g. use alternate supplies,back-up generators or other building facilities.

  6. Await management instructions. If evacuating via wardens’ direction (not fire alarm), secure premises, relocate essential business to another building, or stand-down staff to go home, care for family then report back for work at instructed day/time and location.

Remain Calm - Assist those in need