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No matter where you live in the world you can study TLC’s  New Zealand Creativity programmes through distance delivery. Here are some questions that relate directly to distance delivery students.

What can I study from home?
You can enrol in any one of our four National NZQA qualifications in Creativity:

New Zealand Certificate in Creativity
New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 5)
New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6)
Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced)

What will I need to study from home?
• A reliable broadband internet connection is recommended
• A dedicated work space, preferably separate from any household distractions
• A digital camera, tablet, or smart phone with a camera is recommended
When can I start my programme?
Distance Delivery students may start their chosen programmes at start at the beginning of each term or on the 1st, 4th or 7th Monday of the term

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What learning resources will I be given?
Distance learning students will receive access to our online resource area (ORA) at the beginning of their programme.

Do I have to follow all of the video resources and notes?
There are set requirements and assessment criteria for each programme level. The videos on ORA provide extra valuable resources for students to help shape their programmes alongside their personal creative goals. These can be achieved through a combination of using ORA, working with your mentor to progress your creative ideas, fulfilling the requirements, independent study and attending on-site classes. 

We recommend that Certificate students do make full use of ORA to gain maximum benefit.   

Your mentor or tutor will help you structure your programme to best fit your personal needs and level of confidence. See a sample of some of our video resources here.

How will I be supported as a Distance Delivery student?
All distance delivery students are assigned a mentor as their main point of contact. Your mentor will support and guide you as you work through your programme.

What expectations are there for Distance Delivery students?
Distance delivery has its own challenges and rewards. Students are expected to be engaged in creating work, upload images to the Workroom regularly and stay in touch with their mentor.

Can distance delivery or casual students attend on-site classes?
Depending on class numbers and availability, distance learning and casual students can attend classes on-site. Registrations for classes open in week 2 and week 8 of each term. You can join on-site block classes (part time enrolled students one block per term, full time enrolled students 2 blocks per term), without extra tuition fees. A limited number of spaces are available in mains classes.

You can register for classes online or by emailing Programme Support at ps@tlc.ac.nz.

How do I submit my art work?
Distance delivery students are expected to send work in regularly via the Workroom. Mentors will provide feedback on your work.

Can I study subjects like jewellery and knife making from home?
We have specialist on-site classes in subjects like jewellery and knife making. If you want to study specialist subjects like these from home, you will need to provide your own equipment.

Talk to your mentor or, if you are not enrolled, contact Distance Delivery Programme Support at ps@tlc.ac.nz or calling 0800 ART POWER (0800 278 769) to discuss this possibility and the type of equipment you will need.

How do I enrol?
Click here to enrol

Got more questions? Give us a call on 0800 278 769