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The Learning Connexion campus in Taita is now closed until further notice. We will continue to operate as a Distance Delivery School through our well established distance programme.

Following the Government's announcements in recent days, The Learning Connexion has closed its campus until further notice. Distance Delivery study will continue unaffected.

Accepting enrolments now

You’ve made the decision to focus on your creativity and develop your artistic skills by enrolling here at The Learning Connexion - that’s the hard part done! The rest is a breeze. There are two simple ways to enrol:

Option 1: Ready to Enrol now?

Enrol Online now


Download our Enrolment form

If you have a clear idea of what you want to study and are ready to enrol, then you can get the process started now by either enrolling online or downloading and filling out our enrolment form (please note, you will need to print out the enrolment form and fill it in). 


Option 2: Manual enrolment

If you are still unsure what classes you want to take, and would like to be taken through the enrolment process, then please follow these steps:  


Step 1: Contact Us

Our Admissions team are available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to answer your questions and help you through the enrolment process!


Step 2: Choose how you want to study

Do you want to study on-site or study from home (distance delivery)?

*Please note that as of Thursday 26 March The Learning Connexion is operating as a Distance Delivery School only, until further notice. More information here

  • I'm not ready to study, can I just take a class?
    The Learning Connexion has a selection of casual art classes available to the public, try a weekend, evening or block week class.
  • I want to study onsite and attend classes in Wellington
    Our vibrant campus has a wide range of classes and facilities available to all our students. View our campus and facilities. This is a great option for those that really want to immerse themselves in The Learning Connexion environment. (NOTE: Studying on campus is currently unavailable, until further notice)

  • I need flexibility, can I study from home?
    If time and flexibility is important to you then we recommend studying our programmes through distance delivery. You can find out more about this option on our 'Study from home' page.

  • I'm an international student
    We welcome students from all over the world! For information about enrolling in our programme as an International Student, download our International Student Guide here.


Step 3: Choose your programme level

Do you want to learn new skills and techniques or just begin with the basics and build up confidence as you go?

  • I want to start with the basics!
    The New Zealand Certificate in Creativity (Level 4) is an open entry programme that focus's on exploration, experimentation, building skills and identifying possibilities in art and creativity. It is a hands-on, practical programme for those with little or no practical art experience and/or those who wish to widen their creative practice and build key skills.

  • I want to add new skills and techniques to my existing art practice!
    The New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 5) focuses on increasing coherence and technical skills. Students develop a sound skill base for their creative processes and interests and produce work in line with their own goals. Students enrolling in the Diploma programme will be asked to submit a portfolio as recognition of prior learning.

  • I want to take my practice to the next level!
    The goal of The New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (Level 6) programme is to increase coherence and technical skills, develop a sound basis of your own creative processes and interests, sharpen personal focus (self-direction) and produce work in line with your own goals.

  • I want to engage with materials and examination of the process related to art-making!

    The Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced Level 7) builds on your existing skill base, focusing on art as a process. You will engage with ideas and practices that emphasize the materials, methods and operations crucial to the meaning of the work. Please contact our Admissions team to discuss the requirements for the programme. 


Step 4: Complete your enrolment form

Now that you know what you want to study, you can either enrol online here or download a copy of the enrolment form here to print out or call the Admissions team on 0800 278 769 to ask for a copy to be posted to you. 

Step 5: Pay for your programme

The good news here is that you can apply for a student loan to study with us! Find out what you could be eligible for at www.studylink.govt.nz. If you have any questions about student loans and the process to get one contact Cherie Vibert or read our Student loans and Allowance FAQs.

That's all there is to it!

Please don’t forget to… include all of the required documents (eg. verified ID) listed on your enrolment form so there is no delay getting you started.

Our friendly Admissions team are happy to help you with any queries you may have.

Our Prospectus

To find out more about our Creativity qualifications, request a free copy of our 2020 Prospectus.

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