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In the event of a Hostage Situation:

  1. REMAIN CALM – DO AS YOU ARE TOLD – Do not argue, keep calm.

  2. Keep a low profile – be conscious of body language and speech.

  3. Try not to talk on behalf of the hostage taker(s).

  4. If threatened with harm, remind the captor that you may be of benefit to them.

  5. Attempt to relax, take deep breaths, and remain positive. Staff and police will work to ensure a safe outcome.

  6. Observers:   

  • Have someone call for Police – Dial 111 (outside line) from a safe location

  • Evacuate others from the area, wardens will establish a cordon

  • Comply with simple requests – defuse the situation

  • Identify staff members to engage via phone or observe and listen to any demands:

    a. Use active listening without interruption – listen, stall for time
    b. If needed, ask open ended questions in a calm manner
    c. DO NOT enter into negotiation
    d. Calm the situation by using a quiet voice – avoid arguments
    e. Avoid tricks or setting deadlines

  • If possible limit access to prevent hostage taker leaving with hostage.

  • Keep the captive in view, do not leave them totally alone.

  • Do not attempt to confront or disarm, no heroics – DO NOT TAKE RISKS.

  • Establish staff muster point, account for staff and visitors.

  • Await police, provide them with detailed info on hostage(s), offender(s) and location.


DO NOT take RISKS – Be compliant. Preservation of life is paramount