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Our Painting, Drawing & Design studios are light and airy and provide a great atmosphere in which to get creative.

Figure drawing classes and expressive painting classes are held regularly by our experienced drawing and painting tutors.

If you have a spare moment perhaps grab some paper, paints and drawing tools from our Materials Shop and find yourself a space in one of the empty studios. They are a great place in which to practice your drawing techniques, paint, sketch, or simply sit, meditate and visualise your next grand design.

Check out the classes on offer:

Evening Classes
Held one evening a week, these are run from 6pm-9pm for seven weeks per term.

Block Week Classes
The first week of each term is known as ‘Block Week One’. This is one week of the same class – so you get a good chance to really hone your skills in a particular area. The last week of each term is known as ‘Block Week Two’. We advertise the classes in Block Week Two at the beginning of that term.


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