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Term Dates 2024

Term 0             1 January – 2 February

Term 1             5 February – 5 April
Term 2             29 April – 28 June
Term 3             22 July – 20 September
Term 4             14 October – 13 December

Closing Dates for Enrolment

We must receive all enrolment documents at least two weeks before your intended start date.
For new on-site students, there are four intakes per year, at the beginning of each term.*

Distance Delivery students may start their programme on the 1st, 4th or 7th Monday of each term throughout the year. Distance students need to work for nine weeks, and can then take a three-week break. Students must advise their mentor or Programme support of the decision for planning purposes.

*For the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) (Level 7) there are only two intakes for enrolment: at the start of Terms 1 and 3. This is the same for both onsite and distance delivery students.

Study break over the end of year (Christmas) holidays

So that the delivery of our new national qualifications in Creativity complies with the NZ Qualifications Authority and other government agencies including StudyLink, The Learning Connexion now takes a three-week term break over the end of year (Christmas) holidays. Any student who’s study period extends beyond this end of year term break needs to undertake independent study and complete their independent work log. Students receiving a study allowance, limited full-time allowance or living costs, no longer need to apply for the JSSH (Job Seeker Student Hardship benefit) over this holiday period. We encourage students to talk with their tutor or mentor before the end of year break to discuss what work they will do during this time.

Start and end dates will be confirmed individually with students upon enrolment.

Should you have any questions later on, you are most welcome to contact either our admissions department on admissions@tlc.ac.nz or our compliance department on compliance@tlc.ac.nz.

Fees-free study

Check your Fees Free eligibility!

If you are a first-time tertiary learner, or your first tertiary education was covered by the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), you may be able to get up to $12,000 of your fees covered for one year’s study or two years’ training. If you are eligible, we’ll organise payment with the Tertiary Education Commission.

Domestic Student Fees 2024:

New Zealand Certificate in Creativity (NZQA level 4: 60 credits)
• Full-time (20 weeks at 35 hours per week)  Part-time (40 weeks at 17.5 hours per week): $3,358.00

New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (NZQA level 5: 120 credits)
• Full-time (45 weeks at 34 hrs per wk)  Part-time (90 weeks at 17 hours per wk): $6268.00 

New Zealand Diploma in Creativity (NZQA level 6: 120 credits)

• Full-time (45 weeks at 34 hrs per wk)  Part-time (90 weeks at 17 hours per wk): $6270.00 

Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced Diploma) (NZQA level 7: 120 credits) 

• Full-time (30 hrs per wk) Part-time (2 years)  $6,150.00

View International student fees here

Part-time students 

If paying by Student Loan, students studying part-time must make two separate loan applications to StudyLink. The first one is to pay for the first half of the programme. The second one (40 weeks later) is to pay for the second half. Please note - this is a condition by StudyLink, not TLC. If you enrol part-time with TLC you are enrolling in the full two-year programme.

Withdrawal From a Programme

Students may withdraw from the programme they have enrolled in, with a full refund of tuition fees, within eight days of the starting date of their programme. After that time, The Learning Connexion Ltd has no obligation to make refunds.

Students must apply for a withdrawal in writing and, if applicable, must notify StudyLink of the change in their status. Refunds for overseas students will be made at the exchange rate of the day the withdrawal is approved for action.

Fee notes - please read:

• All fees are GST inclusive and in New Zealand dollars if studying in New Zealand
• All fees are for 2024 enrolments
• For part-time students- fees for the second year of study are subject to change
• Fees are as stated below provided students qualify for the funding subsidy which is available, with a few exceptions, to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, this includes permanent residents and Australian citizens living in New Zealand who meet with minimum residency requirements.

If a student’s full-time status changes during their period of study, fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Additional Costs

Students will need to budget for purchasing any materials, dependent on the type and scale of work they choose to do. The range of material costs is typically between NZ $10 and NZ $50 per week for full-time students.