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The Learning Connexion has two main governance groups which deal with decision-making. The task of these groups is to help the organisation make the best use of its collective energy. Student Link representatives are invited to attend regular meetings of the Academic Boards. You can find meeting minutes relevant to students next to Reception in the foyer.
The Academic Board

The Academic Board has the most direct involvement with students. It has the responsibility for the overall management of delivery of programmes. The Academic Board includes the Managing Director (or his delegate) and a representative range of academic and support staff. The Academic Board meets every Wednesday at 10.30am in the Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Taylor Building. [email protected]

The Academic Board has overall responsibility for: 

  • The quality of TLC teaching and learning activities 
  • The quality of TLC assessment and moderation 
  • Confirming RPL decisions 
  • Hearing appeals against the application of TLC assessments 

The Executive Team 

The Executive Team deals with all strategic and operational aspects of the organisation. They meet at 1.30pm every Wednesday in the Meeting Room, 3rd floor Taylor Building. [email protected]
Engaging with the Governance Structure

Students can have a say in what happens here at TLC by engaging with the Academic Board.

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Pass on comments or suggestions to the Student Link representative who will bring it to the meeting. DD students can email them at [email protected]
  • Write a proposal (form available through Programme Support or Reception) and send it to the Academic Board, depending on which area it relates to
  • Write comments in the comment book next to Reception. The Student Link representative brings these comments to the board meetings
  • Speak with Programme Support or your mentor
  • Write your request or comment on your feedback forms