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Student Exhibition

Dog Show

20 October - 2 November 2022

There is no other animal as loyal as the dog

Valentina Caceres is an artist and animal lover originally from Colombia who has lived most of her life in Auckland. She is currently studying a level 5 Diploma in Creativity through The Learning Connexion’s Distance Delivery study option (and loving every minute of it). Drawing makes her feel alive and connected with the beauty of life. 

In this exhibition, Valentina’s drawings of dogs range from her own Doberman puppy to dogs further afield, including Instagram public figure doggies. Valentina’s focus on canines stems from an innate love of their companionship and character, and through this exhibition she expresses her view that there is no other animal as loyal as the dog.

 The eyes are where Valentina's main obsession lies. It is where she most greatly connects with each dog’s expressions of innocence. There has been much research into the eyes of dogs; the eye shape and movement have evolved to best connect with humans over thousands of years of living alongside us. 

The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm

The Learning Connexion is at 182 Eastern Hutt Road, Taitā, Lower Hutt

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Selected Works

Whippet it Good 

Whippet good
Valentina Caceres
Pencil on 200 gsm Bristol Paper


Valentina Caceres 
Pencil and Soft Pastel on 160 gsm Pastello Paper