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The courses are the subject areas that you will work in over your programme:

The courses you select as your major and minor choices will guide the classes and resources that you will focus on. Many classes and resources can apply to several courses so there is plenty of flexibility for you to develop your own creative journey.

If you want to make any changes to your courses at any time then please talk to your mentor or Programme Support.

Please note that the structure of the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) differs from the Diploma and levels in that it has modules and projects that relate to all media, rather than major and minor courses.

Please note that at the Certificate level you must choose your two major courses from drawing, painting or 3D.

Classes and resources not only develop your technical skills in each course, they also develop your creativity by extending your ability to apply those skills to your ideas.

Above there are links to our courses with the creative applications and technical skills specific to each course that you will work with if you select them as a major or minor course.

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