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Creativity Workshops

Discover the magic of creativity through one of our FREE Creativity workshops

  • It is a FREE one or two-hour experience.
  • Held in various locations around the Hutt Valley and Wellington.
  • Facilitated by experienced TLC tutors.
  • You will experience an introduction to art exercises to awaken your inner creativity.
  • All materials are supplied and you get to take them away with you.

Please Note: This is a class for adults, best suited for students 16 years and over.


Workshop Feedback

"It was a great evening. Tutors were enthusiastic and helpful, and the session was well-constructed, with plenty of hands-on activity, and a range of tasks well-suited to a short, introductory session." - Trish

"It made us realize that we are all talented, what we thought was crap (our own work) others could see beauty in :) We enjoyed everything especially the talented tutor...he was awesome." - Lauren

"Thanks for the free evening. It was interesting and fun. I have started to sketch in pencil for half an hour each day since attending so it has had a positive impact on me." - Beth