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Payment of Fees

Students registering for study during the year are required to pay all fees on or before the start date of the programme. All alternative payment arrangements must be set up prior to the acceptance of your application and are approved at the discretion of the Director and with reference to the full terms and conditions. For more information contact the Accounts Department on 0800 278 769. 

Depending on the student’s choice of classes there may be additional class fees or class material costs which will be invoiced to the students at the beginning of each term. Class Materials can be purchased from the TLC Art Material Shop online or onsite during operating hours.

NB: As our placements for each class are limited by registering for a class you are committing to the additional costs associated with taking a class, these costs are referenced under the classes section of our website.

Method of Payment

All Fees must be paid in New Zealand Dollars and can be paid by any of the following means:

1. Internet banking (Bank deposit or Direct Credit)

Bank Account Name:

The Learning Connexion



Bank Account No:




Bank and Address:

Westpac, Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand

Please remember to reference your name and student ID or invoice number (if known) to the transfer.

2.  Credit Card online

Click here to pay by credit card via a secure payment portal to pay for your fees by credit card online. 

Please remember to reference your name and invoice number (if known) you are intending to pay. 

3. Free fees

Students can check their eligibility for free fees by entering their National Student Number (NSN) on the New Zealand Government's website.

4. Government Student Loan

The Ministry of Social Development administers the Student Loan Scheme. They can assist you with Student Loan and Student Allowance enquires.

Please visit the Study Link website.

As soon as your loan has been approved, Studylink will contact The Learning Connexion to confirm payment of fees by loan and to request details of your course of study. Once your course is approved, The Learning Connexion will confirm your details with Studylink to allow payment of fees to proceed. You do not need to contact The Learning Connexion Accounts office as StudyLink will do this directly.

Please be aware that the processing time for student loan approval is about 4-6 weeks. All student fees must be paid on or before the commencement date.


Please be aware that tuition fees must be paid by the programme start date. If you are paying your tuition fees by Student Loan, you will need to apply for this well in advance of your course start date. The best way to apply for your Student Loan is online. The processing time for student loan approval is between 4 to 6 weeks.

StudyLink will need following documents from you:

  • Proof of your identity and age. This could be your birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, a passport, or a letter from Immigration New Zealand.
  • Proof of your New Zealand citizenship or residency. This could be your New Zealand birth certificate, your certificate of citizenship, residency or refugee documents, or your passport.
  • Proof of your IRD number. This could be your Inland Revenue card, or a letter, or a Notice of Assessment from Inland Revenue. Hand-written proof must be stamped by Inland Revenue.
  • Evidence of your bank account. This could be a copy of a recent Bank Statement that names you as the account holder, or a letter from your bank stating all your bank details i.e. your name, address, and bank account number.

StudyLink needs to either see your original documents or copies verified by one of the following: a StudyLink, or Work and Income Staff member, an Officer of a Tertiary Education Provider, your School Principal or a Justice of the Peace (you can find one in your local area listed in the Yellow Pages) who has seen the original. They must print their name and title on each copy and write on it that it is a true copy. StudyLink will return all original documents to you.

International Students fees are to be paid before the start of the course for Visa/Immigration purposes. If fees remain unpaid students cannot get a student visa.

5. Scholarship or Third Party Payments

(i)  The Learning Connexion offers a wide range of Scholarships and Awards. They are awarded on the basis of excellence and outstanding achievement in a variety of subject areas. To find out more of the application process go to our scholarships page.

(ii) If your tuition fees are to be paid by an external scholarship, trust fund, Study Link scholarship, employer etc. and you receive a fee account, please ask the third party payer to contact the Fees / Accounts office for information on how to pay.

Accounts and Payment Enquiries

For further information about fees, contact:

The Learning Connexion

182 Eastern Hutt Road, Taita, Lower Hutt

PO Box 9811


Tel 0800 278 769

Email account2@tlc.ac.nz

Domestic Fees Free

The Learning Connexion programmes are eligible for Fees Free funding for eligible domestic students. To understand whether you qualify, you can check the requirements here at the Fees Free website.

Tuition and other Fees

Calculated tuition fees are detailed on each programme page of this website and are based on one year of full-time study, i.e.120 credits (1.0 EFTS). Where you are enrolled in a full-time, part-year study for 60 credits e.g. New Zealand Certificate in Creativity course for 20 weeks (0.50 efts) the tuition fee is calculated upon the basis of fees for one year.

Please note: Students will need to budget for purchasing any materials, dependent on the type and scale of work they choose to do. The range of material costs is typically between NZ $10 and NZ $50 per week for full-time students.

Refund of Fees

Refunds are based on the Fees Refund Policies established in compliance with the 1989 Education Act and provide the following:

Withdrawal From a Programme

Students may withdraw from the programme they have enrolled in, with a full refund of tuition fees, within eight days of the starting date of their programme. After that time, The Learning Connexion Ltd has no obligation to make refunds.

Students must apply for a withdrawal in writing and, if applicable, must notify StudyLink of the change in their status. Refunds for overseas students will be made at the exchange rate of the day the withdrawal is approved for action.

Please note late withdrawals are subject to a 10% withdrawal fee based on full fees.

Tuition Fees paid personally

(Direct credit, telegraphic transfer, credit card)

If you have paid your fees by the above methods and are eligible for a refund, you need to contact the accounts team. Refunds will be processed within 5 -7 working days.

Tuition Fees paid by StudyLink

If you select to use a Student Loan to pay your tuition fees, and those are paid by Studylink to The Learning Connexion out of your Student Loan, and you subsequently become eligible for a refund as per The Learning Connexion Refund policies, The Learning Connexion will make the refund directly to StudyLink (to be credited against your student loan balance). This is consistent with the provision in your Student Loan contract with StudyLink.

Student Fee Protection

The New Zealand Government Law requires us to offer protection for student fees paid.

The Learning Connexion Ltd. adheres to Section 236A of the Education Act 1989 and subsequent amendments. It has an approved Trust account for Student Fee Protection and Student Fee Indemnification. The Trust account holds sufficient funds to cover the full amount of student fees. It is administered by Mr P Nankivell, a registered Chartered Accountant approved by NZQA.

If the unexpected happens and the school is unable to continue offering a course, or ceases business through insolvency, course cancellation, de-registration or withdrawal of accreditation, The Learning Connexion has systems in place, which meet the requirements of the Education Act.

Contact details for this process are in the first instance The Learning Connexion Accounts / Finance Department.