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Painting and Practice | Term Two, 2023

Here's your opportunity to explore and learn from 'mistakes', experience creative inspiration and achieve outcomes you'll be delighted with.
Explore the practice of creative painting, from selection of the most appropriate brush, evolving your own colour palette, through to the completion and presentation of the finished work.
Work on new or existing paintings.
A few of the topics we will cover include - choice of subject, composition and perspective, light on dark or dark on light, mediums, glazing, layers, affordable presentation, materials/techniques and more.
We can also cover the following - photographing your work for online galleries and social networks, as well as how to use websites.
Suitable for all levels.


Where relevant, and time permitting, we will cover...
* How to build up a painting - composition, content, intention and storytelling
* Do you place darks down first or lights?
* How does what you paint on reflect the story of your work?
* Do you sign the painting and paint the sides?
* We cover the essentials of developing your work
* Introduction to presentation and framing
* Exhibiting and curating will be explored near the end of term
* Essentials for being an artist and what is needed after graduation
* Presenting work online and portfolios
* Galleries and exhibitions
* Artist statements and catalogues
* Contracts and pricing


* Develop your own guide to creative problem solving when developing paintings - from the initial idea to completion
* Develop your wider art practice
* Please note: This class runs for seven days spread over a term, so it only covers the basics


* Develop stronger work as a result of tutor-directed content and self-directed exploration
* Creativity Projects you will be able to work towards include, but are not limited to - Level 4 - CP1 Investigate, CP2 Present, CP3 Examine, CP4 Explore Level 5 - CP1 Challenge, CP2 Synthesise, CP3 Apply, CP4 Identify Patterns Level 6 - CP1 Initiate, CP2 Analyse Patterns, CP3 Present

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Class Type: Mains Class
Tutor: Marc Hill
  • Every Wednesday (08 May - 23 Jun)
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: Dependent on what materials you have already and what you'll need.
    Casual Students: $630.00 + materials
  • T2.27
  • 15 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
Advice will be given on the first day