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TERM 2: Break All the Rules with Paper Clay | Term Two, 2024

Paper clay allows us to push the limits and possibilities of clay as an expressive material.
Do things you can’t usually do with clay. Push the boundaries, bend the rules...or break them! Explore a variety of construction techniques. Extend your initial experiments into projects using your preferred ways of working.
Make small to medium-sized sculptural work and functional vessel forms which will be completed to the bisque fired stage once dry.
Suitable for beginners and those students with some previous experience of working with clay.


* Introduction to paper clay
* Best practice guidelines
* Work as a group to make normal clay into paper clay
* Explore a variety of methods of working with paper clay at various stages of wet and dry
* Look at other artists working with the material
* Develop small projects which expand on your own areas of interest and which arise from initial experiments relevant to your skill level


* Explore the possibilities of paper clay as a creative medium while following best practice guidelines
* Create small paper clay projects which harness some of the techniques explored in this class
* Gain knowledge and insight into other artists working with this medium, as part of the wider ceramics community
* Use this class to advance your own exploration of creativity in areas which are of relevance to your level of the TLC creativity programme


* A deeper understanding of some of the possibilities of paper clay and insight into some artists who utilise it
* Create work which uses paper clay following best practice guidelines
* Use the creative spiral to develop and expand on initial explorations and create work as a response to your own areas of interest
* Creativity Projects you will be able to work towards include but are not limited to - Level 4 - CP1 Investigate, CP2 Present, CP3 Examine, CP4 Explore Level 5 - CP1 Challenge, CP2 Synthesise, CP3 Apply, CP4 Identify Patterns Level 6 - CP1 Initiate, CP2 Analyse Patterns, CP3 Present

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Class Type: Block Week
Tutor: Mel Ford
  • Every Block Week Two ( - )
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Materials cost: Class Fee - $35 inclusive of materials and firing to bisque state.
    Casual Students: $450.00 + materials
  • Hot Arts 2 – Ceramics / Wax
  • 10 (Max number of students)
Required Materials:
* Class fee - $35- materials and firing inclusive
* This includes 1kg of commercial paper clay and 4 kg of paper clay which we will make in class
* Firing fee is for a bisque firing only as this class does not explore glazing processes