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Level 4 Certificate in Creativity pie chart and cps version 2Programme Requirements

Level 4 is about exploring your creative practice (self)

The Certificate in Creativity says YES to who you are. Creativity grows from your trials and experiments, driven by your particular interests and personal strengths. We provide encouragement, teaching and learning support to help you to develop your creativity, in a way that fits the real world.

Level 4 is a hands-on, practical programme for those with little or no practical experience, and/or those who wish to widen their creative practice and build key skills. The programme is a structured introduction to a wide range of art and creativity ideas and applications.


Make work based on the following actions in the discipline(s) of your choice:

Investigate. Creativity Project 1:

Explore ideas, materials and techniques which you are interested in working with. Completing CTFAC (Creativity: Thinking for a change) is part of the requirement for this project.

This project should take 8-9 weeks (Full Time - FT)/16 - 18 weeks (Part time - PT)

Present. Creativity Project 2:

Show and talk about your work to your tutor/mentor/whanau, friends. Respond to feedback with more work.

This project should take about 4 weeks (FT)/8 weeks (PT)

Examine. Creativity Project 3:

Choose a work/idea. Ask for feedback, review what you have done and try other ways of making.

This project should take 1 - 2 weeks (FT)/2 - 4 weeks (PT)

Explore. Creativity Project 4:

Explore how your interests, skills and work connect to other cultures, activities and disciplines.

This project should take about 3 weeks (FT)/6 weeks (PT)