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Michelle Carlton has a unique style, blending geometric shapes and organic forms with hyper-realist anatomical drawings. Her creations always stand out from the crowd and captivate the viewer. 

Her illustrations take on a surreal quality, the composition of the elements intrigues and mesmerizes its viewers. 

"It began with pencil drawings… I gave them to my family as gifts. From there I moved on to acrylic paint and discovered the inspirational Salvador Dali."

“This surrealist genius had the largest influence on my mind and work of any artist to this day. His unique outlook on the world and metamorphosis was like nothing I’d ever seen and I soon became obsessed with him. My work very quickly took on a twist of madness and I burst with excitement going nutty with colour, melting images and strange objects.

Michelle Carlton head

“My paintings have developed to become an expression of my mind and life. I believe art should be in this world to enhance it and make it a more beautiful/interesting place. There are so many things that add negatively to this world and I’m here to help bring a little something different; to make people think and have fun with their eyes."

She projects her same anatomical fascination into her jewellery, adorning rat skulls with silver and eye-like gems. 

Michelles necklace

Michelle received the Oriel Hoskin Scholarship for her outstanding work.

"I knew my life revolved around creative thinking. When I left college I stumbled across The Learning Connexion. I went to an open evening and signed up soon after. It has been the best art school I could have asked for…freedom to express myself in anyway I choose. I have learnt as much here from the students as I have from the tutors."

Michelle went on to illustrate her own book 'Chumpy, the Chameleon' and is currently working full-time as an illustrator, portrait artist and surrealist oil painter.
Michelle recnt work full
See more of Michelle's work on her Website or Facebook page.

Scholarship Applications are open for the month of October. Apply for a scholarship here.


  • Cathy de Seton
    27/10/2015 5:30pm (9 years ago)

    Thanks Vanessa....

  • Vanessa Patea
    27/10/2015 2:42pm (9 years ago)

    There may be mid year scholarships Cathy. We will keep you posted!

  • Cathy de Seton
    27/10/2015 12:12pm (9 years ago)

    I suspect there will be no scholarships available for mid-year when I'm due to complete my current Diploma...I'm getting more and more interested in following up/through into other avenues...and know that I don't have enough time even now to explore further.