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Tanya Green – Diploma of Art & Creativity student

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“Ziggy kind of started the whole group exhibition.”

Tanya Green

©2016 Ziggy
Materials: Drypoint print.


Artist’s statement: I was working on ‘Ziggy’ in Marci’s print class when Sheree Matheson-Harris (one of the other artists within the group) and I met. We both went to a TLC exhibition that was being held down at the Hutt Arts Society (five other women from TLC), and we were talking about how amazing that was, and then Sheree said, ‘Your cat’s really good. You know, we could do this!’ That’s where this group exhibition idea sprung from. Artistically, I’m still at the stage where I am creating art to experiment and learn how to do things so I was really surprised at how much I sold. What I am creating is a result of that experimentation and having fun. So the whole, ‘what does my art mean?’, and what is the meaning behind it is not always there at this stage. I’m simply having fun and enjoying what I am doing at TLC.

Exhibition tip: “Think about your overarching theme and how every artist will fit into that.”


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See more of Tanya Green’s work at www.facebook.com/greenhallstudioart.


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