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Beverley Moore – Diploma of Art & Creativity student

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I’ve had a family, I’m retired...I’ve been a teacher, done all sorts of amazing things in my life, and every time you get a year older something comes up like this. The group exhibition’s been really great and I’ve learnt a little bit more about myself.”

Beverley Moore

©2016 Jesus, You are King of Kings
Materials: Acrylic paint.


Artist’s statement: I’d done a lot of reading, and rereading, of the Revelation passage in the bible and also looked at other parts of the bible where Jesus was transfigured and resurrected. This got me thinking about the different ways other artists such as Albrecht Durer had portrayed Jesus and in looking at their work I was surprised at how he always had this really nice face. He smiles at you. I always pray before I paint. And when I paint I put 15 colours down and let them tell me which ones to put down. They sing to me. For me my paintings are always a new thing. In this one I wanted to reflect all the colours of the garden in His white robe.

Exhibition tip: “Be willing to help. Be willing to learn.”


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See more of Beverley Moore’s work at www.facebook.com/nurturingnatures.



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