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All classes at The Learning Connexion are also available to people coming to the campus as casual students - those not enrolled in our NZQA programmes.

Casual students are able to register for the classes on a term-by-term basis, subject to availability. The Learning Connexion produces a booklet four times a year with details of classes for each term. To see a list of classes currently offered click here.

The Learning Connexion offers:

Mains Classes
These are full-day classes (9.30am-4.30pm) on a week-day for seven weeks per term. Some of the classes require a certain level of experience (see note below each class listing). 
Cost to casual students: $630 for seven classes per term, plus materials

Block Week Classes
The first week of each term is known as ‘Block Week One’. This is one week of the same class – so you get a good chance to really hone your skills in a particular area. 
The last week of each term is known as ‘Block Week Two’. We advertise the classes in Block Week Two at the beginning of that term.
Cost to casual students: $450 per five-day Block Week, plus materials($360 per four-day Block Week, plus materials)   

Weekend Classes
These are a mixture of one, two or three-day workshops on weekends during the term. They are full day classes (10am-5pm).

Cost to casual students:
1-day weekend class - $90 plus materials
2-day weekend class - $180 plus materials
3-day weekend class - $270 plus materials

Evening Classes
Held one evening a week, from 6pm-9pm for seven weeks per term.
Cost to casual students: $315 per term, plus materials