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Rachael Beulah – Diploma of Art & Creativity student

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Our strength was in being mutually supportive all the way.

Rachel Beulah

©2016 Black Tara.
Materials: Resin and metal.


Artist’s statement: Studying at TLC expanded my interest beyond oils to glass, resin, clay and mixing these media. An auditory artist, intrigue suffuses my pieces, through which I seek ways to communicate fresh perspectives, dreams and deeper stories. My diorama (narrative stories), often require a deeper explanation for viewers.I use strong lines for dramatic impact, especially in sculpting bas reliefs, a 3D form that early civilisations often used to show inclusivity of animals in official heritage. Volunteering at an animal shelter drew my curiosity as to how other animals perceived things. ‘My dog, my equal’, sums up my philosophy and I hope my work stirs deeper thought into other mammals predicaments whilst raising ancestry awareness – beyond ‘her’story could ‘zoo’story be next?

Exhibition tip: “Tell the meaning and story behind your artwork.”


To find out more about The Learning Connexion’s Creativity and Art Certificate and Diploma programmes call us on 0800 278 769 or request a prospectus.

See more of Rachael Beulah’s work at www.facebook.com/nurturingnatures.


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