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Margaret Mundell – Diploma of Art & Creativity student

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“I loved being involved in planning the exhibition, with the footwork and setting it all up. We were all gobsmacked by its success.”

MargaretMundell artwork

©2016 It’s raining, it’s pouring
Materials: Wire armature, Super sculpey.


Artist’s statement: Exploration of various media and their processes have brought me to the realisation that 3D art making is where my passion lies. I prefer to work in 3D, although it’s sometimes more physical, harder work. My 3D pieces range from the minimalist and modern to whimsical, colourful human forms that tell a story of my journey moving away from my family and relocating in a new country. When designing my figurative work, I always try to envisage a piece of art that will make the viewer smile. My sculptures like It’s raining, it’s pouring’, all incorporate a playful element and colour. Colours are really associated with people for me. My ultimate goal is to create enjoyment for both the sculptor and the audience.

Exhibition tip: “Set up a closed Facebook group to help with the organisation.”


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See more of Margaret Mundell’s work at www.facebook.com/maggiesartadventure.



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