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Helen Lenihan – Diploma of Art & Creativity (Honours) student

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“There’s nothing worse than making a piece of art and having people not connect.”

Helen Lenihan

©2016 Class of 51
Materials: Graphite and charcoal.


Artist’s statement: This large pencil drawing just came out of my head. I’m currently doing series of ceramic 3D versions of this idea using found objects, bits of metal, rusty washers on the footpath, picking up things I find in the garage or off the road. My artwork in general is inspired by the relationship between memories, emotion and the passing of time. It also references my years working for NZ Police, as a volunteer with Victim Support, and my own life experiences. Some of my pieces appear as though they are captured fragments of time, recovered memories or pieces of aging history. I work on varying series but most are linked by these re-occurring themes. I like to call my style 'contemporary nostalgia'.

Exhibition tip: “Having artists working on site bought people in. They were curious to see what we were doing.”


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See more of Helen Lenihan’s work at www.facebook.com/Helen-Lenihan-Artist-570818843117900.


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