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Artist profile: Louis Mikaere

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Louuuuis2Louis Mikaere, recipient of the 2017 Janet Law Scholarship by The Learning Connexion, always enjoyed drawing and creating things, but had never thought of it as a viable career option.

Louis’ graphic and 3D artwork is heavily influenced by his Maori culture and background, and he wishes to pass it on others, as it was passed on to him from his ancestors.

“My Tipuna (ancestors) did amazing things that enabled me to be here today. Culturally and artistically I will always pay tribute to Maoritanga (my Maori culture), to enable others, younger and old generations, of all races, to learn more about Maori heritage.” 

Waka by Louis Mikaere

Wakaa by Louis Mikaere 

Title: Waka
Materials: Wood, paint, flax and plastic
Dimensions: 450mm x 400mm
Artist’s description: This piece is heavily influenced by traditional Maori carving and design. It is an airship with a Maori twist to it. A Kanohi (face) is painted and carved beneath the waka which viewers would look up and view as the waka airship flew above them. 

Toimoko by Louis Mikaere 

Title: Toimoko
Materials: Ink and pencil

Artist’s description: "Tamoko, traditional Maori patterns are used in this piece. It was influenced by Tamoko all over New Zealand. It is an experimental research piece."

To find out more about the Janet Law Scholarship, what other scholarships are available, and how to apply for one, visit www.tlc.ac.nz/enrolment/scholarships or call 0800 ART POWER (0800 278 76937).



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