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Landing on both feet

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Matt Hosey has been bluntsliding, bombing hills and busting tricks skateboarding since he was 10 years old. Skating is just part of his DNA. Prior to coming to The Learning Connexion to study a Diploma of Creativity and Art, he earned a living working in a skate clothing store on Cuba St in Wellington.

Being at TLC has taught Matt some new tricks – helped improve his artwork, allowed him freedom to explore his creativity, and find out what he really wanted to do in life. He describes himself as a skateboarder artist who is now as passionate about photography, sign painting and art and design as he is about skating.


Birds eye view of workers

© Photograph by Matt Hosey, shot on 50mm lens
Birds eye view of workers


© Photographs by Matt Hosey

© Photographs by Matt Hosey


While studying at TLC, Matt had some of his artwork printed in Manual magazine – New Zealand’s leading skateboarding and snowboarding magazine. It features skateboarding, snowboarding, music and art, and showcases quality photography, illustration and graphic design.

The opportunity to be in Manual came through Matt’s skateboard connection and friend, Luke, who had a skateboard company called Daylight. Luke wanted to advertise in the popular magazine and asked Matt to create his advert.

“Luke wanted the advert to have a ‘welcome’ theme with an image of a hongi to represent that. Other than that brief, I pretty much had free creative rein and during the process would show him my development sketches to get feedback and help him to visualise what [the end advert] was going to look like.”


© Daylight advertisement by Matt Hosey

© Daylight advertisement by Matt Hosey for Manual Magazine


The people at Manual liked Matt’s advert design so much that it ended up featuring on the back cover of the magazine.Luke, the client, was also stoked with the final result.

“I'm lucky to know people in the skateboard industry who are really supportive and super keen to help get your work seen by people. Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know! Manual mag were digging some of my artwork and they helped me get it out there by posting it on social media and their own website, which I am really grateful for. Thanks heaps guys!”

Over the past year at The Learning Connexion, Matt has been creating hand-drawn letters, combining them with illustrations and trying out new and different media and tools to experiment with. “My favourite media at the moment is painting with lettering quills. I’m learning the basics and trying to practice every day.” He also draws realistic portraiture using carbon pencils and likes shooting 35mm film photographs.

“I am constantly inspired by my friends, the skateboard industry, and old sign painters. I also like taking portraits of interesting people, whether it's capturing their look or personality. Lately, I’ve been really interested in the resurgence of hand painted signs and the endless techniques involved in lettering.”

© Photograph by Matt Hosey


© Logo on skateboard design by Matt Hosey

© Logo on skateboard design by Matt Hosey


In five years from now Matt’s goal is to be living, skating, designing and painting signs in Sydney, Australia with his friend Lance.

“The best thing about being creative is having something inside your head being born, and watching that idea come to life.”


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See more of Matt Hosey’s work on Instagram.


  • Lynda Newman
    21/02/2017 6:09am (7 years ago)

    Very cool and inspirational! Well done Matt. As a Graphic designer/Art Teacher and graduate student of TLC it is great to see people getting the buzz from being creative and gaining recognition for their work.