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The Avalon Park playground project

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Three students from The Learning Connexion have worked together, juggling study commitments and dodgy weather, to document and produce a five minute video for the Hutt City Council that celebrates Avalon Park’s $3.7m upgrade.

Jo Taptiklis, Louise Black and Wai Latimer filmed the construction of the playground and its opening and had to don protective gear whilst filming on the site during construction.

Jo Taptiklis, Louise Black and Wai Latimer.

The Learning Connexion film students, Jo Taptiklis, Louise Black and Wai Latimer.
(Image sourced from www.stuff.co.nz)


Their short film takes viewers back through the history of the park with photographs from 1968 to present day and includes an interview with the council’s parks and gardens planner, Kelly Crandle.

"Like the public, we were intrigued by how [Avalon Park] was going to be transformed into a modern playground that would be different from any other in the region," said Louise Black.

Opening day saw plenty of smiles on the faces of local children as they could finally play on the swings, slides, flying fox and other play equipment designed by Opus International Consultants.

Parks Manager, Bruce Hodgins, said the council was delighted with the film. “[The Learning Connexion students] have done a great job in capturing the history of the playground and how it has been transformed."



The Avalon Park playground project video.


TLC video tutor Valetta Brenzón said, “The project was a fantastic learning curve for all three, and now other film students are keen to do locally commissioned work as well.”

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  • Jennie Sherwin
    25/01/2017 7:05pm (6 years ago)

    Well done Jo, Louise and Wai. What a great video promoting a fantastic new playground for Lower Hutt.