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Creativity Talk: Lena Stackhouse and Shea Stackhouse

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Artists and TLC graduates, Lena Stackhouse and Shea Stackhouse, featured in this month's Creativity Talk.

Shea specialises in bladesmithing, carving and creating handmade Damascus cutlery and jewellery. He is also the co-ordinator for the 3D department at The Learning Connexion. Lena's work features intricately carved organic forms and small sculptural objects. She also works in the Media Resource Production Team at The Learning Connexion.

Listen to them talk about what keeps them up at night, their individual art journeys, studying at TLC, and how they ended up working together collaboratively on a series of work. 



Crawler, Stalker and Razorleaf.
Team Stackhouse
 Team Stackhouse: Lena and Shea


Visit their website for more examples of carvings, sculpture, jewellery, carbon steel and Damascus steel.


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