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'Urban Renewal Safety Procedure Zone'

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A solo show by Aaron Frater, 3D artist, mentor and tutor at The Learning Connexion:


‘Urban Renewal Safety Procedure Zone’

3-7 June 2017

17 Tory Street


Opening hours: 10am - 6pm

Grand opening: Friday 2 June at 6pm


Aaron Frater’s works hold the nature of their material, while showing something of the forms, surrounds, markings and directions involved in Wellington’s current destroy-to-rebuild cycle of removing and constructing buildings. This idea of ‘destroy and create’ forms human history, is mythic in our stories of gods and demi-gods and in the everyday, as can be seen by the disappearance of the Reading car parking building from Tory Street.

Safety barrier mesh, used by building and demolition industries to screen a safe zone from a potential danger zone – a ubiquitous thing that proliferates in this post-quake, post-Auckland housing bubble era – is a material rich in visual information. A liminal in-between space, a zone rich in possibility, for new things to appear. 

 ©Aaron Frater – Urban Renewal Safety Procedure Zone

Follow Aaron Frater on Facebook and view more of his work at: www.aaronfrater.co.nz

Aaron’s sculpture, jewellery and mixed-media work is inspired by his surroundings and the nature of the materials, as much as by his own internal landscape. His large-scale sculptural works can be found in private gardens and homes.


  • William
    05/06/2017 7:16am (7 years ago)

    Cool. Aaron needs to update his website to be mobile friendly. It's 2017, not 2005.

  • Cathy Jones
    02/06/2017 8:34am (7 years ago)

    Looking interesting, Aaron. Hope lots of people get to see your exhibition. Best of luck with sales. Very best wishes, Cathy

  • Jill Anderson
    02/06/2017 6:40am (7 years ago)

    Hope the show is very successful, good luck.

  • Cathy de Seton
    31/05/2017 11:07pm (7 years ago)

    Fantastic...wish I could see it in person.