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What makes our Study from Home programme so successful?

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By Jonathan Milne, Managing Director of The Learning Connexion

When our Distance Delivery programme began in 1996 the Internet was only starting to take off. When I searched the word ‘Creativity', it would only generate 10 search results, now it’s around 377 million! 

Initially the programme began with video tapes, DVDs and notes. But what made this work was the strong interaction and feedback between passionate mentors and students invested in their creative growth. Over the last 24 years The Learning Connexion's successful distance delivery programme has overcome many challenges from technical evolutions to problem solving different methods of delivery suited to individual needs. Our goal is to continue to deliver an exciting experiential creativity programme via distance delivery study whether you have the latest technology or prefer the old school ways - either way, we have you covered.

Though these are not ideal times, creativity does thrive in adversity. An advantage we have is that our study from home programme has ironed out the kinks and is highly adaptable to changes such as the present fallout effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.

A transferable skill from studying our creativity and art programmes is that it gives you the tools to prepare for uncertainty and ambiguity much more constructively. With the mentorship of our professional staff, all who are sustainable creative practitioners with a wide range of life experiences, you will be supported through your creative journey.

Artwork by Craig Brewer

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