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Hands-on will change your life

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By Jonathan Milne, Director of The Learning Connexion

The success of our recent Summer Skills shows that hands-on skills are more relevant than ever – something we’ve known for a while. In fact, at The Learning Connexion, we are certain that a hands-on approach can change your life. 

hannnnd2 You are a bundle of amazing skills waiting to unfold.

The best news is that it can take a split second to get a vital insight. The hard part is that it requires maybe 10,000 hours to become an expert. When students work with experts they get a better sense of what this means. The insight isn’t the end – it’s a beginning.

Sometimes the need for skills gets overridden by the urge to do something new and intuitive. To really grow your creativity, you need a blend of inspiration and steady persistence. They sound like opposites but really they’re partners.

When we get into the habit of paying attention to nature (which includes other people!), we begin to realise that most of the secrets of creativity are in plain sight.

Role models and supporters can make all the difference – especially during the fragile stages when you’re a beginner. One of the purposes of TLC is to help students navigate the bumps and to be patient with the development of skills.

New technology can be captivating and immensely useful. It’s even more valuable when you treat it as an addition to your took kit, rather than an end in itself. When you relate technology to old skills and knowledge you open the door to great possibilities.

The value of ‘hands-on’ has been obscured by the distraction of digital media. Hands-on engages mind, body and imagination. It can be almost shocking, after a year or two of practice, to realise that the simple process of ‘doing’ can have a profound effect and will change your life.




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