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The Kitchen at the End of the World

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The Kitchen at the End of the World is a marionette play, now showing again exclusively at Circa Theatre from 16-25 January.

A colourful cast will whisk you away to another world, ready to show you that for everything you want there are always strings attached. Cheeky characters desire what lies beyond their limited reach, as well as what lies beyond their homeland. Join the gang as they launch you into an imagination-fuelled journey to discover the last song that will ever be written.

This charming marionette play written by William Connor, directed by Steffen Kreft, and with music by Phil Jones, plays host to a brilliant troupe of puppeteers and their delightfully crafted marionettes.

Creation of the play took the better part of a year for the production duo William and Steffen, turning their Greytown home into a living production house. The play made its debut at the Greytown Arts Festival in 2012 and quickly became a crowd favourite, its humble and self-referential qualities winning over hearts and minds.

Once an animation and computer graphics tutor at The Learning Connexion, Steffen has spent most of his adult life creating amazing visuals and propelling himself into ambitious projects, from animated films to working at his co-owned business National Park. The Learning Connexion crafted a documentary profiling this remarkable creative and how he came to find himself thriving at the end of the world.


Book your tickets for the Kitchen at the End of the World at Circa Theatre (Jan 15th - Jan 25th 2014). 


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