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Getting some real-world creative experience

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When it comes right down to it, one of the pressing questions on artists’ minds is how they can make a living from what they do. At The Learning Connexion we recognise the challenges inherent in building a sustainable career in the creative arts and we strongly encourage students to begin making links with ‘real-world’ creative opportunities as soon as possible.

So it was good timing for Honours-level student Jacob Devine when, through a collaboration between Interislander and The Learning Connexion, he was invited to take promotional stills on board the Kaitaki ferry during its interisland voyage. Inspired by the message that everyone who sails on the Interislander has a memory to share, Jacob was tasked with taking photos of the ship’s amenities, its passengers and crew and, of course, the stunning scenery.


Interislander 2


According to Jacob, the experience was highly beneficial, not only with regards to putting his camera to work, but also in terms of self-confidence. Permission had to be sought from passengers before their photos were taken and, for someone with a reasonable dose of shyness, this task alone was somewhat daunting. But, as he discovered, people were generally quite happy to be ‘snapped’ and a couple visiting from the United States even obliged him with, as he put it, “the ultimate money shot”.

Interislander Marketing Associate, Veronica Ayson, was more than satisfied with Jacob’s work, commenting that the creative nature of his shots impressed her and her colleagues and that he met the brief well, despite having to cope with bad weather on the day. It would seem then that both parties benefitted from this creative exchange and, on the back of his experience and the feedback he received, Jacob is keen to seek out further opportunities. As far as The Learning Connexion is concerned, it’s what effective and meaningful creativity is all about. 


Interislander 1


  • Sarah
    12/02/2015 1:09pm (9 years ago)

    LOVE The foaming water image, could be water, could be ice, could be paint......, great shot.

  • cindy
    11/02/2015 9:12pm (9 years ago)

    Nice shots from a different perspective. Don,t be shy, it does not serve you or anyone else. Shine.