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Lynn Dick – Diploma of Art & Creativity (Honours) student

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“Exhibitions give you a goal. Something to zone in on real quick.”

Lynn Dick

©2016 Sun over trees
Materials: 62 day exposure sun path photograph using an aluminium pinhole camera.


Artist’s statement: Photography, along with my ceramic work, offers me the opportunity to explore low-tech processes. My willingness to take risks and explore alternative processes has produced a body of work that I hope will make the viewer ask 'what' and 'how'. In my photography practice, I removed the camera and lens completely and began using a pinhole camera to create pinhole exposures to make photograms. This image is one my long pinhole exposures. The lines are the sun as it’s going up. The image was so overexposed that I wasn’t able to develop it the traditional way, so instead I took the photographic paper and scanned it on the scanner and then flipped it. So this is actually the inverse of what was shot. From winter to spring is how I like to capture the sun. I’m planning to do a whole series.

Exhibition tip: “You’ll find that once you walk away you’ll have a frame work. Something to build upon. You’ve done all the leg work.”


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See more of Lynn Dick’s work at www.facebook.com/nurturingnatures.


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