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Karen Pearce – Diploma of Art & Creativity student

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“It was an amazing personal and group achievement.” 

Karen Pearce

©2016 Taking flight
Materials: Pencil.


Artist’s statement: Art has always been in my bones. At college I used to try and get kicked out of class so I could go to the art room. It was there that I paid attention. This piece reflects me in a way. It’s a picture of a kiwi learning how to fly. I’m a Kiwi, and I guess I’m that kiwi learning how to be better at art and fly. I have a passion for drawing and have since found a love of creating using heat. There’s something magical about transforming an item designed for industrial purpose, into something beautiful. I am pursuing this further, majoring in 3D, learning the tools, the skills, and the art of transformation. My work is predominantly inspired by nature and the environment. My love of New Zealand’s wildlife and flora and fauna all help in my endeavour to produce something just as beautiful as it is naturally created, but with a twist.

Exhibition tip: “Before applying for funding make sure your budget is accurate.”


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See more of Karen Pearce’s work at www.facebook.com/Karenpearceartist.


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