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Summary of Programme:

Duration: 1 year (full-time), 2 years (part-time)

2019 Fees (Domestic students): Full-time (1 year): $5556.00, Part-time (per year): $2778.00

Delivery: On-site or Distance Delivery (study from home)

Start Dates: Start at the beginning of each term or on the 1st, 4th or 7th Monday of the term

How to Enrol: Enrol online now or download a 2019 Enrolment form

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The Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) (NZQA level 7) programme is one year full-time (equivalent 30 hours per week), or two years part-time (equivalent 15 hours per week).

The Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) builds on your existing skill base, focusing on art as a process. You will engage with ideas and practices that emphasise the materials, methods and operations crucial to the meaning of the work. In this way, you will find your assumptions challenged and your art opened to a practice that is engaging both creatively and intellectually.
Students develop new ways of viewing materials, a fresh approach to critiquing art and a deeper understanding of their own practice and how it relates within the broader spectrum of modernist and contemporary art.

The principles of the programme are:

  • To embrace all media and approaches
  • To focus on materials and processes as being of primary interest
  • To understand that the practice is theoretical in itself

The Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) comprises studio-based work developed from projects, briefs and independent research. Students demonstrate an understanding of concepts and the meaning the concepts signify in their own work. At the end of the programme, all students exhibit their work, demonstrating their creativity and the rigour of their practice.

Students are assigned a mentor who works with them throughout their programme, guiding their development and providing individualised feedback and resources. This is supported by group critique and communication as students develop the ability to articulate and self-critique.

Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) students will require:

  • Access to an internet connection and a digital camera or mobile device.
  • Ability to attend on-site block classes or to do equivalent activity from home

You can find out more detail about the Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced) programme structure and requirements here.

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Work by Biddy Grant.

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