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Shaun Robinson: There's no lottery ticket

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social profile2Shaun Robinson is a Nelson-based artist who completed an Artist Residency at the Hidden Sculpture Garden and Gallery in Tapawera last year. The Learning Connexion has been an integral part of Shaun's journey into the wonderful world of sculpture.

Hi Shaun. A lot of your work is focused on sculpture – what's your inspiration?

I initially enjoyed illustration, however, the last two years I've devoted my practice to figurative sculpture and wood carving. In terms of inspiration, I'm fascinated by the human form and nature, which fortunately there's an abundance of.

Why did you decide to study at The Learning Connexion?

I entered the world of art as a mature student. The Learning Connexion had been suggested to me by a number of people. I was reluctant as it meant moving to Wellington to allow me to utilise the onsite tutors and workshop. I'm very glad I did. 

mask3The invaluable knowledge and experience I gained from the year focusing on creating art onsite allowed me to continue my last year of study via distance delivery.

What did you enjoy most about studying at TLC?

The focus on the practical side of art. Having completed 2.5 years of study at theory-based institutes I had a reasonable understanding of what is needed and many of the fundamentals of art practice – however, there was very little focus on practicing art.

One of the main ways I've transformed through studying at TLC is the realisation that there's no lottery ticket – the work needs to be done. I'm thankful to TLC for the education and the opportunity to live a creative life!

Do you have a project you are currently working on?

Yes, I attempt to have 2-3 works at various stages if possible. Oftentimes I'm waiting for clay or paint to dry, or if I'm unsure how to proceed with a particular piece I can work on a different one then come back at a later time.

SR 2 copyAre your skills and approach to creativity transferable into ‘other’ fields in your life?

Most definitely. As a sculptor I need to plan ahead as certain parts of a work may need to be built/completed before others for structural or cosmetic reasons. Thinking critically and having a critical eye can be essential in many facets of life.

What's been the biggest highlight of your creative journey so far?

The first time I submitted a piece into an exhibition in Nelson and it sold within 10 minutes of opening!

I was also fortunate enough to be invited as the Artist in Residence at The Hidden Sculpture Garden & Gallery in Tapawera. It was an amazing experience where I learned so much about the realities of, and what's required to be an artist.

What are your creative ambitions? Where would you like to be in five years?

To have a sustainable art practice that not only satisfies me creatively but also provides joy to others. Combining that and providing me with an income is my ultimate ambition.

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