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Happy Accidents

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Serendipty Students edit web

Making mistakes when you are creating work can be either an annoyance, traumatising or a learning experience. This group of seven art students from the Learning Connexion know all about making mistakes in their creative process, but prefer to look at them in a positive light as 'happy accidents' and as a means to an end. This idea lead them to create an exhibition based on the concept of Serendipity.

Coming up in April, this group of seven women from The Learning Connexion will be exhibiting their work at the Odlins Gallery in Lower Hutt.

I asked Diploma Student, Judith Le Harivel (far right in the photo) some questions about the upcoming exhibition.

Who is this group of artists and what do you think makes them an interesting bunch?
We’re a group of women from diverse backgrounds who met as students of an amazing ceramics tutor, Mel Ford. We all share a fascination for 3D – ceramic sculpture, bronze, glass, Pal Tiya,  jewellery, but some of us also paint, illustrate, make prints and take photographs. So if you come to the exhibition you’ll see a wide range of artworks on display. There’s strong colour, monochrome, small and detailed, large and expressive, abstract and organic - I guess reflecting our different personalities and interests.

The exhibition has an intriguing title, can you talk a bit about why you chose to call it ‘Serendipity’?
We all met by chance while studying at TLC and we share a common enthusiasm for developing creativity through serendipity. Apparently Horace Walpole made up the word in a book he wrote in 1754, and one definition is 'the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident'. We all spend a lot of time experimenting. Although the discoveries aren’t always 'happy', they do take us in new directions and we certainly learn from them!

What have been some of the challenges with putting this exhibition together?
It’s always hard co-ordinating everything – especially when 7 people have to organise it and you have to make sure everything works with the gallery. Fortunately we seem to agree on most things and everyone is really keen to make it a success! There’s also the challenge of having enough artwork of the right kind ready for the exhibition.

Why do you think people should come to the Odlin’s Gallery in April to see the exhibition?
They'll see a diverse range of work with something for all tastes, from delicate silver jewellery to large ceramic sculptures, vivid paintings and understated photographs, organic glass forms and expressive bronzes. It showcases the broad range of interesting work that people at TLC create.

Anything else to add?
We’re really excited at this opportunity to show our work together and hope you will enjoy it as much as we will.

WHAT - Serendipity: an exhibition of artworks by seven women students at TLC       
WHEN - Opening night:  Tuesday 7 April. Open: Wednesday 8 April – Sunday 12 April 2015          
WHERE – Odlin Art Gallery, 9-11 Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt
WHO - Vicky Bradshaw, Louise Caig, Marion Daue, Rebecca Haggerty, Judith Le Harivel, Karin McCombe-Jones and Jennie Sherwin. TLC graduate Lesley Ranson also exhibits as guest artist.


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