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Christine Elks – Certificate of Art & Creativity student

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed the transition from retired housewife, to art student, to exhibitor.”

Christine Elks

©2016 Blue thoughts on White Milk
Materials: Dark and light blue milk bottle tops, 24 pizza spacers, glue, cardboard and a mirror.


Artist’s statement: This was my first time collaborating with other artists, so I felt 'scared' and 'honoured' at the same time. I was working on an assemblage in a TLC class, and felt this piece would turn into something – then the light bulb moment occurred. The idea for this experimental piece came about when I found one of those pages – you know the type where it shows 1000+ things you can do with...(in this case) bottle tops. That interested me, and I looked more into the dairy side and saw how many dairy farms there are in New Zealand. I thought about milk, did some research online and then started thinking about all the pollution – all the plastic bottles we as a country were producing, and whether they were in fact getting recycled. Although milk’s a good product, there’s just so much pollution going on in dairy farming. The white plastic spacers are from a pizza box. My piece is not just recycled art; I hoped to make people think.

Exhibition tip: “First find time. And then find some commitment. Have good communication with all the people you’re doing the show with.”


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See more of Christine Elk’s work at www.facebook.com/nurturingnatures.


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