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'Nurturing Natures' exhibtion

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‘Nurturing Natures’ is a collaborative group exhibition of 12 artists being held at The Mall in Upper Hutt, Wellington on the 12-19th November.

Exhibiting are past graduates and students of The Learning Connexion – Rachael Beulah, Lynn Dick, Christine Elks, Gemma Goodwin, Tanya Green, Sheree Matheson-Harris, Rachael Hay, Helen Lenihan, Marie Lotz, Beverley Moore, Margaret Mundell and Karen Pearce.



Left to right, exhibitors are: Sheree Matheson-Harris, Christine Elks, Rachael Hay, Tanya Green, Lynn Dick, Rachael Beulah, Margaret Mundell, Marie Lotz, Gemma Goodwin, Beverley Moore, Helen Lenihan and Karen Pearce.


“As a group of artists’ we wanted to create an exhibition for our local community that would be accessible and engaging. We wanted to acknowledge the nurturing and inspiration it has given us, and to share with them what we have achieved during our individual art journeys.”

‘Nurturing Natures’ is on show during opening hours at The Mall in Upper Hutt from the 12th to the 19th of November. Media on show includes jewellery, ceramics, forged sculpture, bronze, drawing, painting, encaustic, felting and photography.


Image ©2016 ‘Nurturing Natures’

©2016 ‘Nurturing Natures’ exhibits: Some of the 224 pieces of artwork on show for sale.


A percentage of all artwork sales from ‘Nurturing Natures’ will be donated to the Upper Hutt Women’s Centre. This is to acknowledge the great work the centre does in providing support and education to empower women, and subsequently their families, within the local community, helping them to create positive change in their lives.

The exhibition is being held at The Mall, within the old Amazon shop, which has been transformed into a large white walled gallery space. Its high ceilings and concrete floors create the perfect venue to showcase the group’s work.

Opening day featured guest speaker Sarah Brock, the Course and Delivery Facilitator from The Learning Connexion, and Sheree Matheson-Harris speaking on behalf of the artists.


Sarah Brock speaks at the exhibition

Sarah Brock, Course and Delivery Facilitator from The Learning Connexion.

©2016 Photographer Braydon Lenihan.


Those fortunate enough to have an invitation to the opening were able to view all of the artists’ artwork on display while being entertained by TLC student and musician, Stephen Shone. Catering for the event opening was supplied and funded by the Upper Hutt Cossie Club.

The ‘Nurturing Natures’ exhibition is now open to the general public. There will be working artists on-site throughout the week, so come along to watch them work at their craft, and make sure you cast a ‘People’s Choice’ vote for your favourite piece on display.

There will be a raffle running all week as well, giving people the opportunity to win an original artwork by Helen Lenihan with all proceeds from the raffle going to the Upper Hutt Women’s Centre.The Muffin Break at The Mall is kindly donating one free coffee per ticket, to all raffle ticket holders..


A packed gallery on opening day.

A packed gallery on opening day.

©2016 Photographer Braydon Lenihan.


  • Joy coggins
    19/11/2016 3:25am (7 years ago)

    great works a good variety.

  • Sheree Matheson - Harris
    16/11/2016 12:39am (7 years ago)

    I have never been prouder of my community, both in Upper Hutt and at The Learning Connexion. Each person in our group exceeded our own strengths and it was the most frightening yet exhilerating experience in my life. Thank you to everyone involved with all my heart. xoxooxox To see all the artists come out of the woodwork in Upper Hutt shows me that Upper Hutt has so much understated talent

  • Christine Elks
    15/11/2016 6:14am (7 years ago)

    Thanks to all the Naturing Nature friends, you helped push me along. Quite an experience I will treasure for life. Lots of hard work involved from the group. Thank you one and all. The opening was excellent , a great buzz, a great venue, great sale of works, wonderful interaction with visitors and not forgetting the great refreshments. Thank you to our sponsors. Christine E.

  • Claire Fischer
    15/11/2016 5:46am (7 years ago)

    Great exhibition. Gemma Goodwin has got such talent and has to be complimented on her fantastic work.

  • Julia Prentice
    14/11/2016 11:46pm (7 years ago)

    Wish I could be there! :o)

  • Susan allen
    14/11/2016 11:31pm (7 years ago)

    Upper Hutt is my home town
    Wish i was there to see this fab exhibition
    Congratulations to all the learning connexion artists from a fellow graduate
    ...I'll send my sister and mum along