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Artist profile: Rici MlcochdDree

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RMC 38We asked Level 5 student Rici MlcochdDree to tell us about their creative journey. The talented artist, who currently has an exhibition in Waimate, shares some thoughts here.

For me, art and creativity is a way of seeing the world and realising there are so many things in the universe that we don’t know about. It helps me feel free.

High School was a trap and attending TLC gave me the key to open the cage.

I don’t see my creativity as a separate facet of my life. I live and breathe art every single day. I need to create things in order to stay sane in this strange human society. Not being an artist isn’t an option.

RMC 21Enrolling at The Learning Connexion (TLC) was the best decision I made. I found the prospectus in my high school art room and I knew TLC was for me. High School was a trap and attending TLC gave me the key to open the cage.

The things I enjoy most about studying at TLC are the positive, creative and relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to meet other open-minded creatures.

Currently, I have several long-term projects on the go. I’m writing and illustrating a graphic novel. I have been painting a series of portraits of characters in space. In ceramics, I have been making vessels with human and alien faces, for holding candles and succulents. I have also been working on a photography series focusing on the fluidity of gender expression. Through my art practise I have continued my journey to understand myself and my gender identity.

RMC 26

My subject wearing a dress has been a way of saying that I don’t want to conform to society’s gender constructs. We can present ourselves how we want and it shouldn’t bother anyone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is so much diversity, diversity should be celebrated not feared. The variables are infinite.

My advice for people starting at The Learning Connexion, is to relax, let in the inspiration and a stream of creativity will flow from within – go with it. Take as many opportunities as possible. Utilise the instruments of creation.


Inspired by the COVID-19 lockdown and a deep interest in science fiction, astronomy and portraiture, Rici's exhibition ‘Space, Distance, Isolation’ is currently on display at the main entrance of the Waimate District Library.



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