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Artist Profile: Keith Grinter

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Keith runs the Grinter Glass studio in Whangarei, where his focus is on developing his glass blowing skills, particularly the shard pick-up technique. He has worked in a range of media including glass (painted and blown), oil painting and sculpture from recycled materials.

His paintings on canvas and glass are based on blind contour drawings made while walking. The concept of drawing while walking was developed for his Master’s degree as a means to investigate the everyday.

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"My glass blowing skills are improving but every new shape and technique is a challenge that takes a while to master. My focus is on using the shard technique, which Keith Mahy used, to create a unique line of painterly glass art. I find this technique fits well with my other large scale painted glass work and my fascination with modernist painting."

While working independently as an artist Keith also tutors students of The Learning Connexion, passing on this highly popular and beautiful art medium to the eager participants attending his weekend classes. 

"I enjoy sharing my knowledge of glass blowing so contact me if you want to learn to handle this amazing material. I have helped many beginners to create their own glass masterpieces and some have gone on to study glass full-time. Make a marble, paperweight and shot glass to start. Then develop your own glass masterpieces."

Keith offers scholarships to prospective students of The Learning Connexion. For more information on how to apply Click here

To see more of Keith's work check out his website -  www.keithgrinter.com 


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